Welcome to the community!

Hi folks, welcome to what will soon be the world’s largest video marketing community. Our hope is that this will be the center place for meaningful discussion on things like video software, strategy, hardware, production tips and much more. Here are a few quick tips to bring you up to speed on what the community is.

What is the mission of the community?

The mission of the community is to bring together video consumers, creators, technologists and strategist to foster discussion that drives video marketing innovation and experimentation.

How to join the community?

It’s incredibly easy to join the 50Wheel community using your LinkedIn account. Click here to create your free account.

Who can be a member of this community?

Anyone interested in video! Members consist of digital marketing professionals, video production masters, technology builders and just about anyone who loves digital video.

What can I do once I become a member?

Once you become a member of the 50Wheel community you can:

  • Access premium content like groups, forums and expert discussion
  • Participate and join topics and discussions in groups and forums
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  • Post blog articles in the 50Wheel blog
  • Receive alerts and regular updates on topics you care about

I’ve signed up to be on the 50Wheel mailing list, am I automatically a member?

The 50Wheel email subscription list is different than the community. If you are either a current email subscriber or a register vendor, you still need to create a new community account for membership.

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